As an educator, you often have opportunities to reach vulnerable children who may not be receiving any information on online safety at home. The resources below might assist you in developing an online safety program for your students.

Here you will find resources to start you on your journey to educate yourself about online safety and child sexual exploitation. These are posted as a guide to help you begin your journey in educating yourself about online safety. The SOVA-ICAC is not responsible for any content posted on a third party site. By providing the links below, the SOVA-ICAC is not endorsing these sites but providing examples of various sites available to those wanting to learn about online safety. Some sites may even post contradictory information or studies. It is up to the user to make a decision as to what information is best suited for their situation. The SOVA-ICAC does not work for and is not affiliated with any organization linked here unless otherwise noted.

mother and daughter on device
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children logo

NetSmartz is the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s online safety education program. It has age-appropriate videos and activities for K-12. The resources page has age/grade appropriate presentations, videos, fact and tip sheets, as well as materials for project-based learning and children with special needs. Topics include Cyberbullying, Online Enticement, Gaming, Social media, Smartphones, and Sexting/Sextortion.

Cyber Swat logo

Cyber SWAT is an in-school, student-focused program, first developed by the Safe Surfin’ Foundation and launched in Forest, VA. “SWAT” stands for Safety While Accessing Technology. A School Resource Officer helps student peer mentors learn about online safety. These student peer mentors then share what they have learned with other high school and middle school students.

National PTA logo - every child one voice

Information and materials about parenting and online safety in the digital age from the National PTA.

Safe Search Kids logo

A pre-filtered search page designed for kids to reduce the risk of accidental or intentional exposure to explicit content.  It also includes news, articles, and safety tips for kids and parents. (No search service is 100% guaranteed to filter all explicit content.)

Common Sense Education Logo

A website that supports K–12 schools with lesson plans, edtech reviews, and other resources that educators need to empower the next generation.