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What personal data we collect and why we collect it

The SOVA-ICAC Task Force may collect information about you while you visit our website. Generally speaking, information collected is standard data used for analytical purposes, to study how visitors interact with our site, and how we can improve the user experience. Data that is collected may be collected and analyzed through WordPress, Google, or other 3rd parties. This may include the use of cookies to gather data.

The SOVA-ICAC Task Force also provides the ability to contact us directly through the website. Information gathered through online forms may include personally-identifying information. This information may include IP addresses, names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. We will use this information to contact you in response to your submitting the information. We will not sell, trade, rent or otherwise use your information for purposes not related to SOVA-ICAC functions, but by voluntarily providing this information to us, we reserve the right to use this information in the furtherance of the SOVA-ICAC mission.

Additionally, in accordance with Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act, certain personally identifying information may be subject to disclosure subject to a valid FOIA request, unless you specifically and promptly notify us in writing that you wish such information to be withheld.