Downloads for Parents

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Web Link Example Facebook Privacy Settings

Click here to check out an example of Facebook privacy settings.

Web Link Blog Beware

BlogBewareClick here to download these great safety tips for parents whose kids are active on social networking and blogging websites.  This can be a great way to start talking to you kids about some basic safety guidelines.

Web Link Parent Safety Questions

SafetyQuestionsClick here to download this important safety sheet.  This provides parents with important topics and safety tips that all children should know.

Web Link Child Protection

ChildProtectionClick here to download this valuable guide to child safety.  Topics include warning signs of child sexual exploitation, basic safety rules for children, and tips to help prevent abduction.

Web Link Make Your Own DNA Kit

MakeYourOwnDNAKitDownload these simple instructions to make your own DNA kit to preserve a genetic record of a child for use in the vent of an emergency.  

Web Link Internet Safety

InternetSafetyClick here to download these safety tips for parents and guardians.  Topics include browsing the internet, e-mail, social networking, posting pictures, and more.

Web Link Travel Rules Outside the USA

TravelRulesOutsideTheUSADownload this guide to safety when traveling outside the United States.  Learn tips to keep both you and your child safe while traveling abroad.

Web Link Travel Rules

TravelRulesClick here to download travel rules for children that will be traveling alone by bus or train.  

Web Link Quick Tips For Tracking Your Child Online

Click here to check out some quick tips for following your childs online activity.