What is a Child ID Event?

Child ID Events provide parents with the opportunity to compile critical information about their child into an easy to access and easy to store format.  Information about the child will be saved in an easy to read PDF format and burned onto a CD or DVD.  Once the parent or guardian is provided a copy of the CD the information is purged and no records are kept by the SOVA ICAC.  We are not interested in building a database of children's information, we are simply providing a service to the community by helping parents collect and organize important information about their child that they can easily access in the event of an emergency.

The Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force began its involvement in the Child ID program after an association with VACHIP.org and EZ CHILD ID. 

The SOVA ICAC ensures that all the vital information required by the Amber Alert system is captured during an ID event.  The Child ID form includes all 10 fingerprints and is saved in the universal PDF format.  The parent or guardian receives a CD or DVD with all the information on it that is supplied free of charge to your organization.  This allows the parent the opportunity to reprint the EZ Child ID form at home if they desire.


Child ID Downloads

Download Child Information Form

Download Child ID Parent/Guardian Consent Form

(Please remember you will need a copy of each form for each child being ID'd)